Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Appetizers, finger food or canapes – see our offer for drinks receptions and catering

Would you like everything to go to plan smoothly? We’ll take care of it and organize an event for you. Our support begins already with the first appointment, during which we establish the general details. First, we present a comprehensive offer with binding prices, and then get the venue and equipment ready. Further, we provide food and beverages, taking care of the ingredients supply, the preparation of dishes and the proper service. Finally, we make sure that you can enjoy a flawlessly organized event.

It’s easy to pamper your guests if you know how to do it.

Feast for the eyes and a great treat – from finger food to gala buffet

Whatever suits your taste, we provide what makes our guests satisfied. We serve a selection of hot and cold fresh made delicacies as well as all kinds of drinks, including drink receptions and matching wines.

Our Catering Team uses only high quality products, prepares them deliciously and serves them in a unique manner, showcasing them enticingly. We know what the flavor of the month is and, if desired, we can delight you with innovative and exotic specials from the world of gastronomy. 

Request an offer for your event

To receive a non-binding offer, contact our Catering Team.

Together we make your event happen!


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